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We implement specialized and simple websites based on our own solutions or ready-made CMS systems (content management systems). We are a company with many years of experience in creating websites. The websites are implemented taking into account the latest standards and technologies. We implement modern and responsive websites – IT Agencja.


Certainly, many of you often wonder how individual companies found themselves in the TOP 10 or TOP 3 of Google search results. This is the result of website positioning and optimization. We know how to make more and more potential customers reach your website.


E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Every year more and more people buy online. If you want to transfer your sales to the Internet, use the services of the IT Agency. We will create a unique and profitable online store for you, e.g. via the popular WooCommerce platform.


Our team is a group of specialists in their profession. It also includes people with philological and journalistic education, thanks to which we will prepare professional and comprehensive texts for your websites, product descriptions or developed articles for your corporate blog.


Our team also includes graphic designers who will prepare for you non-standard graphic elements, banners, markings and logos to run and run Social Media. We also design simple logos for new companies and those who want to refresh their image.


Thanks to professional tools, our agency also provides services related to the implementation of promotional and advertising films. Movies from a drone or music videos are our specialty.


Our company deals with comprehensive advertising on the Internet. From creating a website, business cards on Google, to positioning and advertising it in recognized networks in the internet marketing industry. The solutions that we propose to our clients are in line with current trends and standards. Our websites meet all standards, are optimized for the Google search engine and perfectly position themselves for selected key phrases. If you are interested in comprehensive service for your company on the Internet, write to us or call us. Our IT Agency is one of the market leaders, bringing together an increasing number of satisfied customers. Website design is our domain. An individual approach to each project allows us to satisfy our clients.

Website development is a process. You can never say that we will make a website in 3-5 days. If you have encountered such an approach, it means that the website will probably be made sloppy and will eventually not fulfill its role, so it will not attract new customers or contractors. Designing a website is a thorough planning, discussion with the client and performing individual steps. Bearing in mind the complexity of our services, there is also the issue of the careful preparation of the content for the website, competition analysis and, above all, the preparation of key phrases.

The websites created by our agency are an example of attention to every detail, creating a positive image on the Internet and, above all, conversion, i.e. attracting new customers. Our websites earn for our clients! Creating corporate websites is one of our main activities.


Just creating a nice and eye-catching website is not enough. Everyone cares for our customers to finally find our online business card. To do this, we need SEO and SEM measures. Our website, apart from content optimization, needs positioning. To meet the expectations of customers, we comprehensively deal with websites and online stores, positioning them for specific phrases. Thanks to the positioning of your website, your company’s services will appear high in the results of the google search engine for phrases related to your company’s business profile. Our agency is a successful company in the industry and high positions even for very competitive phrases. Whose page do you think appears first on the phrase „Warsaw mortgage loans”? Anyway – check it HERE.

A thorough analysis of the competition for the phrase data on Google and the preparation of basic keywords is the first step to positioning your website. Thanks to professional tools and, above all, extensive experience in SEO, at IT Agency, we can quickly diagnose what your website needs to stay ahead of the competition. In addition to very important issues such as content, optimization, website speed, good external linking is essential. We have a very strong background, recognized among other companies, which will help us achieve good results in the near future.

Link building

Our company also deals with professional link building. Many companies, trying to implement SEO activities on their own, look for good and strong sources of external links. We have access to many strong and popular portals that can significantly help in obtaining high positions on Google. If you are interested in outsourcing external linking, write or call us.

We do not bind clients with any contracts! You can unsubscribe at any time!

We differ from other agencies in our approach to the client. Other companies bind with long-term contracts, as a result of which, paying a monthly subscription for six months and seeing no effects, we are forced to terminate the contract three months. During this period, we are forced to pay invoices monthly, although we are almost 100% sure that our website will not improve its position on Google during this time. We decided to change the market and adapt our services to the needs of customers.


Technologies in which we work:


Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for our company. Creating websites is one of the main services provided by our company. Of course, we also do not close ourselves to other implementations related to extensive internet marketing. Creating websites is a very complex process, which, in our opinion, should end with customer satisfaction, but also with our satisfaction with the work done. We are not satisfied with websites that have any shortcomings. In our opinion, each website should be carefully planned and then precisely mapped in reality.

Modern websites allow the owners to change the content themselves, without programming knowledge. Just log in to the administration panel and click the appropriate buttons. Our websites give this possibility to our clients. You can easily add texts and graphics, if customers are not familiar with this type of mechanisms, we provide a short and concise training that will lead to independent work in the administration panel.

Most, about 85% of the websites we perform are the creation of company websites, the main purpose of which is to optimize the content for future visits by potential customers of our clients. Creating corporate websites is a specific type of our activity, which focuses on reaching as many people as possible interested in a given product or service. We implement our websites in accordance with the assumptions of search engines, thanks to which they are recognizable by contractors.

Responsive websites

Yes, our websites are responsive, which means they look good and display on laptops as well as tablets and smartphones. And maybe we wrote it in the wrong order, because 85% of internet traffic comes from mobile phones. This is proof enough that the mobile version of our website is a guarantee of success. It is probably not difficult to imagine what a potential client will do when he enters a page where the mobile view „crumbles”. It will go to the competition and this is fully understandable. At this point, we have to turn to specialists who will make the website nice, aesthetic, but above all functional for smartphone users.


We do everything to make our websites almost perfect, and thus exactly meet the requirements of customers and visitors. To achieve this, our specialized employees create websites with the following differentiators.


Useful websites are websites where visitors can quickly find what they need. The key here is intuitive navigation. We do our best to ensure that visitors can find the information they are interested in on the websites we provide within three clicks

Aesthetic appearance

We attach great importance to aesthetics. The information provided on the website must be presented in a logical and orderly manner. The biggest challenges for us are the websites that our clients provide us for implementation from A to Z. Then we turn our creativity to the highest level.


We try to present information on websites in the most attractive way. It is important that the website attracts the eyes of potential customers, thus not disturbing the technical operation of the website. Creating websites is our passion, which can be seen in every project we make.


A website must be practical, useful, attractive to the eyes, but also easy to use. If something is difficult to use, you probably rarely use it – and so do your customers. Our websites are as easy to use as everyday things.


Websites nowadays should be constantly developed. The point is that it should not only be a static showcase, but should be constantly developed, updated, you can or even have to run your own company blog. Our interactive agency is there to lead your company on the Internet from A to Z, bringing new potential customers to your website.

We create the image of your business on the Internet

The website is the perfect place to create a brand image. It works like a digital business card that the customer can reach 24 hours a day. Using appropriate content, graphics and messages, we shape the narrative about your company and you have an impact on how potential customers see you.

We live in an age of NOW where consumers often want information when they search for it. This is especially true for B2B companies. This means that having a website is a must, what’s more, it should answer questions – who you are, what you offer and how to contact you – already at the beginning of the page, and preferably without the need to scroll by the user. You have approximately 10 seconds to make a specific impression on your site visitors, encourage them to stay on the site or contact them and gain their trust.

Remember, however, that an unprofessional website can be counterproductive for your business.

We present the offer

The first step in selling is to familiarize the customer with what you are offering. Nowadays, more and more people search the web for the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. The website is an effective way to present information about the company, the current offer of products and services, inform about new products, promotions, announcing upcoming events and special promotions. You can also provide users with so-called added value in the form of guides, e-books, interesting articles. What’s more, the website enables immediate communication in a form convenient for the customer. When potential customers call you to ask for an offer, that’s half the battle. Usually they are people ready to buy, warm, and sometimes even hot. When they call, it’s all up to you.

We provide global coverage

The websites are accessible from anywhere in the world as long as there is internet access there. Thanks to the website, you will reach a much wider audience – even in remote locations. If you act locally, you can reach customers from all over Poland. If you operate on a national scale, you can enter foreign markets. Now that we have so many opportunities to communicate with people, we can do business with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Whether you offer products or services, your website provides an alternative selling location. The increased range of the offer allows for development, so it is worth using the potential of the Internet.

In April 2020, nearly 4.57 billion people used the resources of the Internet. This is 59% of the world’s population.